Here you will find all the information you need pertaining to the safety of PTeazer parts, from National Highway Safety standards, to performance crash cases.

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    PTeazer Parts Vs. Stock Parts

    Not only do we do wild customs and paint and installation at our facilities, we also do collision work. We've seen
    quite a few crashed PT Cruisers come through our doors. We always knew our parts were designed to be of the
    highest quality. We were amazed at how drastically superior they were to stock parts though.

Front End Collisions: The PTeazer reinforcement (on the left) absorbed most of the impact and saved the damage to the radiator and engine behind it. The stock reinforcement on the right crumped and caused severe damage to the radiator and engine.
Rear Collisions: The PTeazer rollpan (on the left) sprung back into shape with only minor scratched paint. Our reinforcement mitigated the damage to the rear gate and floor. The stock rear bumper (on the right) exploded on impact and offered little protection to the floor and lift gate.