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9th Annual Cruisin for a Cure Show
Saturday, September 27, 2008

9/18/08 We had fun at this year's show. Click on the link above or here for a special note from Ray about the show and for a few cool pics of the show thanks to Mr. Weidenfeld.

3/3/08 PTeazer sends our condolences to the Coddington family. Boyd Coddington was a respected legend in our field and he will be missed by all. Boyd was one of PTeazer's first customers back in 2001 with the two tone black and red panel pictured above. Boyd immediately saw the potential in the PT Cruiser and we were excited that he chose to go with PTeazer parts to show his enthusiasm on his own car.

3/12/07 Check out all the fun we had at this years PT River Run Show in Laughlin, NV. Also, don't forget to check out the scandalous photos that our special photographer Howard took!



2/15/07 We are pleased to announce a price reduction in our Full Retro Grille. Retro is the rage and now you can finally join in the retro fun! Trick out your PT today with our most popular grille!

Old price was $855.00. New price $625.00

Fits Bumperette, Smoothie and 2006 Bumperette Front Fascias. Click here to order.

PTeazer Unveils Latest Teazer Design HHR at 2006 SEMA Show

10/31/06 The newest edition to the PTeazer family of vehicles was debuted at the 2006 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV.
With so much work going on in our shop, we had a mere 8 weeks to get this custom HHR built. Our world famous HHR panel conversion, Heartbeat Hotrod Fascia, Grille, Hood and Rear Rollpan make this two toned hotrod a show stopper. We completed the outside with our Teazer Dual Exhaust and custom rear window. ICW Racing's 45B Megastar wheels over Goodyear Eagle tires carry our Goldline lowered HHR through town.

The interior features custom upholstery, our gas and brake pedals complete with pedal rest and a kick ass audio system from Kicker!

Like all the other creations from PTeazer, we're sure this HHR will be a pleazer!

Be sure to check our our classified section as we need to make room for our new vehicle editions!

7th Annual Cruisin for a Cure Show
Saturday, September 23, 2006

We had tons of fun this year at Cruisin for a Cure. Thank you to everyone for coming out to support a great caust.
Check out all the details of the show here or click on the logo above.

Also be sure to check out our shows page for updates on other shows we've attended. Ray recently attended a show in the UK
and wrote a story about his adventures. You can see that and more at our shows page.

PTeazer Says Goodbye to the Original

It's the one that started it all. The PT that turn an advertising vehicle idea into a phenomenon. Yes folks, the original PTeazer
Panel has a new home on the east coast. After a facelift and personalization for the new owner, our original PT is ready for it's close up on the east coast.

If you happen to be at a show on the other coast, make sure you stop by and take a look at an original work of art. A true piece of history.

Congratulations Charlie and Liz! We're sure you'll enjoy the original panel as much as we did.

Big Winner Customs by PTeazer

Only 2 months into 2006 and PTeazer designed vehicles have taken 1st place in all
4 of the largests auto shows so far this year!!!

2/18/06 PTeazer's Roadster takes 1st place in the Domestics and Best 2 Door
catagories at the 2006 DUB show in Los Angeles, CA.
After almost 3 years, the PTeazer Roadster continues to win over the crowds.

We don't normally enter our vehicle's in these competitions, but seeing how there weren't any other PT's to compete with, we thought we'd give it a go. Not surprising, we walked away with not 1 but 2 First Place spots in one of the largest car shows in the country.

1/29/06 Chevy HHR Panel "Heartbeat Hot Rod" by PTeazer wins 1st in Class at the 57th Annual Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, CA.

One of the first HHR's customized, this HHR evokes the essence of vintage Chevrolet. The color of money paint scheme accents the Teazer Design (PTeazer) custom body parts.

Decked out with the Teazer Design (PTeazer) Heartbeat Hotrod Smoothie Front Fascia, custom grille, hood, panel kit, mirrors and rear rollpan.

1/14/06 Chevy SSR "Sweet Suede Roadster" by PTeazer wins 1st in Full Current Pick Up Class at the 6th Annual San Francisco Rod, Custom and Motorcycle Show at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, CA.

2/12/06 Chevy SSR "Sweet Suede Roadster" by PTeazer wins 1st in Full Current Pick Up Class for the second time in a month at the Sacramento Autorama Show in Sacramento, CA.

Click here to see more images of this one of a kind car! (scroll to bottom of page upon entering)

PTeazer Customizes New Chevy HHR for Discovery Channel's Rides TV Show

We turned this 4 door HHR into a HHR Panel. Custom features include a two-door panel truck conversion, widened flared fenders to accommodate racing slicks, cowl induction power hood, an air-ride suspension system that can be raised or lowered at the touch of a switch, smooth rear rollpan, re-worked front bumper, a unique paint job that has flames on the hood and fenders with right side black and left side red (a tribute to race car drivers Dale Ernhardt Sr. and Jr.). It has names of famous racetracks and numbers of Chevy race cars in three different sizes "ghosted" into the paint job. It has race-car style side exit functional exhaust, roll bars and race car window nets.

Completed just in time to be featured as one of four customized Chevy HHR's on TLC Discovery Channel "Rides" program which aired September 20, 2005

Check it out for yourself.

Teazer Design HHR Build

The PTeazer Roadster

Our crew produced this magnificent machine in an astonishing 15 weeks.

This vehicle was unveiled at the 2003 SEMA convention in Las Vegas.

The PTeazer Roadstar Grille became available in mid December for $995.00.

Click Here For The Roadster Gallery

When the Chrysler PT Cruiser debuted in 2001, an immense wave of interest washed over the U.S. for the retro-styled vehicle, a practical and affordable five-door wagon wrapped in stylish bodywork that recalled a era gone by. First shown at the 2001 New York Auto Show, the PT Cruiser convertible is more than simply a Cruiser with the roof shorn off and replaced by nylon. The convertible top is fully functional, and taken from a Sebring. A special windshield was created (one inch shorter than standard), and the entire car was dropped by one and a half inches. Body-colored bumpers and a chromed-accented grille were included to reinforce its customized look.

PTeazer takes this body styling one step further with our custom front fascia's, grilles, rear treatments and custom paint jobs.
Click Here to see what you can do with your PT Convertible.

Los Angeles Auto Show
January 2-11 2004

Our Roadster was featured in the Chrysler booth at this years show.

We have been receiving some outstanding raves, praises and looks of amazement on this latest PTeazer creation.

Check it out for yourself.

2004 Los Angeles Auto Show Website

Open Track Challenge April 6 - April 12, 2003

Open Track Challenge (OTC) is an endurance time trial event that provides competitors in both street and track-only vehicles the chance to test their skills against some of the best drivers in the world while visiting some of the finest tracks on the West Coast during a single week.

This format is designed to test man and machine by providing the automotive community with the opportunity to showcase and competition-prove their products at a national level.

Following a day of time trials at each facility, the competitors will then travel from venue to venue either in the cars they plan to compete in (Touring classes) or with their competition vehicles in tow (Unlimited classes).

The format for the on-track competition itself will be very similar to the style of Formula One qualifying in order to allow competitors a great deal of track time.

Victory celebrations are in store for PTeazer owner Ray Newton for his efforts in bringing home the first place trophy in the open track challenge road race series. Ray teamed up with Pete Morley, a fellow Kiwi driver and owner of Kaminari to drive an 2003 Cobra Mustang owned by Jim Hodge of Fresno, who is also the owner of the world famous PTeazer Chameleon Turbo PT Cruiser. Obviously serious car nuts, Ray, Pete and Jim made up a great team, winning the event without competing in the last two days due to a mechanical problems. Perhaps next year they will enter the Turbo PT in the front wheel drive category.
Click on any image to enlarge

Monster Garage on the Discovery Channel
PTeazer had the privilege of being on the Discovery Channel's Monster Garage. Many thanks to the all the crew, staff and everyone involved with the project.

The plan is simple, at least that's what Jesse James thinks. Take apart a PT Cruiser and transform it into the slickest tree chipper anyone has ever witnessed.

The clunky and cumbersome chippers of today and the trucks that drag them may soon be obsolete. Click Here For More.....

Check out an awesome video clip featuring this world reknowned PT Cruiser. This clip features highlights of stops across the USA including a visit to ABC's "Good Morning America".

The video files should stream using Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you are using Netscape you may not have the proper plugins to see the streaming media.

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PT Cruiser Stress Test

PT Cruiser with aftermaket PTEAZER Full Grille Front Fascia with Bumberettes verses a 2001 VW Jetta.
Click Here
for the entire story.

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