PTEAZER Satisfied Customer Statements

I just wanted to say thank you for being the easiest company to deal with. the customer service, tech help, and parts that i recieved beeing correct and on time was very much appriciated. i have been building this cruiser for just over two years with your help. i have used alot of pteazer parts and been extremely happy with everyone of them. the car you helped me build is putting out 380hp to the wheels without pushing it and is very streetable, i have nitrous which i haven't even turned on yet and the first pass in the quarter was 12.7@109mph. this thing is going to fly when i get it set up.
thanks again. mike retallick

Car-Truck News 11/06/2000

"In every business there are leaders and followers. In the PT Cruiser arena there is one company that has consistently led the pack with their cutting edge designs and rock solid execution. Their first vehicle, the namesake PTEAZER is to this day the most beautiful custom cruiser ever built."

Cruisin' For A Cure

Dear PTeazer, on behalf of Cruisin' For A Cure and UCLA's Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation, I want to thank you for your donation. It is so nice to be friends with such a great bunch of people. We are looking forward to seeing you all next year on September 25, 2004. Thank you for your continued support in helping us find a cure for this terrible disease and your support is greatly appreciated. As you know, CFAC is dedicated to support prostate cancer research at the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center and your sponsorship will help us achieve our goal. We know "the end of cancer begins with research" and we are grateful for your commitment to this important endeavor. This is a time of great promise for cancer research. However, there is still much more to be done. Thank you again for helping us and the Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation to continue the fight to find an end to prostate cancer.

Sincere personal regards,
Debbie Baker - President/CFAC

Glen and Janice Rice

Hello everyone at PTeazers, all is well with the Rice's. Went to our first Cruiser show in Daytona, 127 cars strong. We are proud to say we had the only 100% PTeazer outfitted car. The only thing bigger than the competitors ego's was the scoop on our roof. Only one there, everyone loved it, even if they didn't understand it. Oh well, you know what they say, if you have to explain it, maybe they will never understand! The car looked outstanding thanks to your quality parts. Thanks again for the coolest parts. Please keep up the great work!
Your friends
Glen and Janice Rice

Peel's Motocraft
Bristol, England UK

Matt Peel

Lynn Loves Her PT

Hey PTeazer.......Thank you for the awesome products you have for the PT Cruiser. I am 16 years old and I am fortunate enough to drive a PT Cruiser. I love all the great things that you have to offer.
Thanks again,

Tim Pomeroy

Hello, Just a short note to let you know that I completed the installation of my new front bumper fascia and full grille today. Picked up the parts from the body shop this morning. The owner was very impressed with the quality and weight of your parts. He was able to match the color perfectly.
Installation took about 5 hours of easy work by myself. Everything went together well. I also installed the chrome trim on the bumperettes, and grille and it really set it off.

The car looks great. The wife loves it! Thanks for producing such a nice product
Regards, Tim Pomeroy

Darrel and Sally Robinson

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

We can't thank you enough for customizing our PT Cruiser. We were so impressed with the design and quality of your PTeazer parts and the quality and workmanship of the PTeazer crew. The flames that you painted on our PT look hot! The color and style are perfect.

We get a great deal of compliments on the total look of the PT Cruiser. It looks like a true show car. Now it's REALLY fun to drive.

Steve Barnes
Madisonville, Kentucky

I am ecstatic about the look PTEAZERS' has given me! Being from the sticks of Western Kentucky, there is no place to find the parts I wanted for my 2001 PT, so I was forced to look to the internet for sources. After weeks of searching, studying and reading between the lines, I decided on PTEAZER parts, and I am glad I did! The personnel was very helpful (to a guy that didn't know what he was talking about..ME). The body parts, smoothie front end, rear roll pan and blower hood, were all of excellent quality and workmanship. My body shop guys raved about the quality and fit, saying it was some of the best after market parts they have ever worked with.

After a two-toned paint job, my humble Cruiser has turned into a real traffic stopper! It looks great even before I lower it and add custom wheels!

My hat's off (watch out for the glare) to the guys and gals at PTEAZERS for a job and product well done!

Bill and Judy Krol
4Cruzen - Phoenix, Arizona

We wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful work you did on our car. Not only the chrome grille and the smoothie front end, but for understanding exactly what we wanted for "nerf bars". You did such a great job designing, fabricating and installing them. We must have done something right because we just won our first trophy with the car. 1st place in Modified division of the Hot Phoenix SuperCruise no less!! We were thrilled. There were 180 cars there, with Modified being the largest class. Our PT was the only one there with nerf bars and one of only a couple with the full chrome grille. I think the combination helped put us over the top with the judges. We are so impressed with the quality of your work compared to the quality of work we had done on the back of the car here locally. Truly no comparison.

Thank you again

Glen and Janice Rice

Hi folks, just wanted to let you know how well all your products fit!! What a welcome change to get great quality products. You should be very proud of what you sell. It sure makes it easy to recommend your products. Just a reminder I'm the person who dropped off calendar when I picked up my pieces with the yellow flamed Volvo truck.

Thanks again.

Monroe Hill
El Dorado, AZ

I recently purchased a full grille/smoothie front fascia and retro rear rollpan from you and have certainly been well pleased with my items.

My wife and I get alot of looks when we're out driving out PT. It is the only PT conversion in our town. By the way, my wife uses it to sell her Mary Kay cosmetics and believe you me it catches the eye of all ages.


Hi, I purchased a PTeazer smoothie front clip, power hood & a rear roll pan from you. I just want to let you know that your product looks great on my cruiser it was an easy install & everything was just as easy as the directions stated.

Thanx for a great product,

Larry L Nulf
Burrton Kansas

I really want to thank all of you for getting my body parts shipped to quality body shop Hutchinson Kansas. They got it all back together and I am on the road again. I really like this new front end better then the one I wrecked. Thank you for helping them out with it. My car is in the shop again now getting flames painted on it will try to send you pictures when I get it back. Thank God for PTeazer. LOVE YOUR GUYS WORK !!!!.

Larry L Nulf - Burrton Kansas.

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Paul Runes
Huntington Beach Beach, CA

I wanted to let you know how fortunate I am for having found PTEAZER. You folks have done amazing work on my PT Cruiser, transforming it into the "street rod" which I envisioned. Your work is outstanding and you customer service is exemplary. I can't count the numbers of times I have gotten a thumbs up or a big smile from other drivers as I cruise down the highway. Simply stated, I LOVE MY CAR!!! I have and will continue to give PTEAZER glowing reviews whenever I get the chance to crow about my car.

Thank you all

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Just wanted to say thanks for the cards and brochures and special thanks for the black packing material (PTeazer shirt) I will continue to spread the good word about my positive experiences with all of you. Every time some one asks where'd ya get the hood, or grill, I always smile and say PTeazer...of course would you like their business card ?? They did right by me.

Thanks again, just trying to figure out which PTeazer mod I have to have next. Still thinking bout that billet grill......hmmmmmm.....

Take care, Rex

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Robert Balderas

First of all I wanted to thank you for your help yesterday and the installation of my AirForce1, It sounds great!!!

Next is the lowering and dual exhaust, hopefully in the next couple of months.


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Terry E. Reeves

Dear Faye and Ray,
I was very pleased with the fit and the finish of the part. All I had to do was block sand the gel-coat and then I primed the part again block sanded . Then I used a two stage paint and the job was done. Start to finish, including the repair to the broken corner was just under six hours, excluding dry time). I have had so many compliments on the rollpan that I almost get tired of answering questions about it. I hadn't filled my wife in on the amount of attention it had been getting and last week it was necessary to take the car into the dealer for some service repairs and she was bombarded by the employees there asking questions and handing out compliments on how good the car looked. We are pleased. The next item on my list is lowering it a bit. Just too much space around the tires to look good.

Anyway, thanks again, good luck and have a great new year.

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Mike Glenn

I've had many coworkers coming up to my PT asking where the excellent job was done.
I am proud of my PT and I will be in contact with you, later on, I am sure. Thank you for the job well done on my green PT Cruiser

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George & Connie Boulton
Tucson AZ

Hi to all at Pteazer:

Please thank Dean for the outstanding flame work he did on our car [George & Connie Boulton]. Everyone that has seen it loves it. I think the car will have article and picture in it, in one of the new PT Cruiser magazines I will let you know which one. Connie loves it as well as me.

Everyone that has seen it have to take pictures and we are sure to tell them that PTeazer did all the work and Dean did the flame work. Thanks for putting it up for Car Of The Month. Again we can't thank PTeazer and staff for an outstanding job on our car.

Thanks again. Keep me posted on any new things you come up with.

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Jack Ruppel
Collegeville, PA

I would like to compliment everyone at PTeazer for making great products and backing them with good service.

MY PTeazer dual exhaust sounds like a purring dinosaur. (A JBA header is included in the system.) Alex Exhaust in Bridgeport, PA. did a very clean an neat installation.

The Urethane Dual Exhaust Retro Rear Rollpan and front Bumperette Grille round out the modifications. More to come. Everyone involved in the installation and painting were impressed with the quality. Fit and finish is excellent. ( I would like to compliment Eagleville Auto Body, Eagleville, Pa. and Chris for their attention to detail and service.)

Keep up the good work. It was a pleasure to visit your office this past spring. I enjoy talking to everyone when I place an order. I will send a photo.

Jack Ruppel

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Bill Armstrong
Jacksonville, Florida

Ray, I have been in the automotive aftermarket for over thirty years and as I'm sure you are aware, this is a very cutthroat business. I must be honest and tell you that the three employees of your company that I have had contact with, Chris, Rhonda and John, have gone above and beyond to help and satisfy a customer (me). I am now a dedicated pteazer fan.

Feel free to use this endorsement as you see fit. Your people are the best. I will be ordering more product in the future. By the way, I am a great fan of the NZ 12 meter boat "KIWI"

Bill Armstrong

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Jim Mistron

Rhonda . . . . Thanks a million for helping me work out the details to get my Cruiser to and from your shop !! After looking through your web site at the cars you have and the cars you have done for others, I don't think there is any question about the high standard and quality of your work !!! I'm glad I chose you to do the work.

The parts I want installed on my Taupe, 2001, PT Cruiser are the Smoothie full-grill front fascia #PZF102F with the steel reinforcement #PZF108S, and the rear roll pan #PZR106F.

Thanks again for all your help . . . . you're great !!!!
Jim Mistron

Gary Marquis

Rhonda, Ray, Gary,and and everybody else who was at the cruiser convention in Las Vegas. It was my pleasure to see everybody once again. My pt rides a lot better since you put on the Eibach springs,and looks really cool according to my (12) twelve year old,and his friends.

Thanks again Rhonda for the Eibach decals they look really cool with the red against the black.

A customer for life,
Gary Marquis

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R.J. Lindelof

Thanks for a GREAT hood! I finally got it back from the shop and I love it!
I wanted to share my enthusiasm about the parts I bought from PTeazer. I found your Gallery of customer cars very helpful when selecting my hood, I wanted to submit my PT's photo for inclusion into your gallery.

Thank you!

R.J. Lindelof
RJL Software, Inc.

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Hi, I purchased a PTeazer smoothie front clip, power hood & a rear roll pan from you.
I just want to let you know that your product looks great on my cruiser.
It was an easy install & everything was just as easy as the directions stated.
Thanx for a great product.

Thanx Again,

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David and Robin Myers
Asheboro, N.C.

A very special THANKS to Ray and Rhonda for all your help in making our Cruiser very special. There is not a day that goes by when we do not get compliments on it. We're still getting pictures developed and as soon as we get some good ones picked out we will send them to you. The hood struts work wonderful with your cowl induction hood.

Thanks again for all your help and making such a great product.

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Joseph M. Grandinetti
Marlboro, NJ

I installed my (Fiberglass) front and back in about nine hours, with no major problems and no, you don't have to remove the air bag sensors that is not true, the air bag sensor is fine and I had a sawzall about an inch from it and I had no problems at all period!!! As to fit, these pieces are by far some of the best fiberglass work I have ever seen for a kit (my dad has been in the autobody business for over 25 years) and I have worked with him plenty of times to get an understanding of what to expect, flashing and other crap on the pieces are very normal. I spent about three hours prepping the pieces with finger work in the grilles but that is normal for any (kit) part - these kits are not like the Xenon or the Mopar plastic pieces, they are one off custom pieces and they are going to cost money to put them on correctly (so not many of them will be around). I love mine, I think it looks great and I finished it in one weekend, so I guess all I can say is good luck and don't bad mouth something when you don't know what the industry standard is. Because I could tell you of a ton of places that make crap and won't even give you the time of day if there's a problem.

Thank You

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Lynell S. Darnall

Just wanted to send this short email to let your company know, I truly appreciate the patience both Chris and Jeff gave me today, when I visited you store. They answered all my questions and were very understanding of my concerns. You have two very nice young men representing your company.

Sincerely, Lynell S. Darnall

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